Paper Cut Out Umbrella Scene

Here is the first of a series of paper cut out scenes i plan to make.

How To Make A Friend

This is a short film i made with my friend Sarah Little. The animation was all created in flash and then composited in after effects. The upload is slightly glitchy and the line quality is lost, but for the time being here is 'How to Make a Friend'

Home Improvements Ocean Finance Commercial

This is the third of the stickman commercials I was commissioned to animate. This commercial was played on sky through July/August/september 2011.

Cosolidation Ocean Finance Commercial

This is the second stickman commercials I was commissioned to animate. This commercial was played on sky through June/July/August/september 2011.

Special Occasion Ocean Finance Commercial

Here is the first Ocean Finance stickman commercial i was commissioned to animate. This advert was played mainly on Sky throughout June/July/August 2011.

Stickman Commercials ( Initial designs and test prior to starting the project)

This is a simple animated test I created for a commission to create the The Ocean Finance commercials. I found it quite difficult to animate with stick figures because it was a real challenge to show perspective. It was really fun to work on though, because it forced me to come up with strong silhouettes for the characters and I could really over exaggerated their movement. (Again, Vimeo has glitched out another one of my videos, at the end of the scene the woman is suppose to nod twice but sometimes when you play back she only nods once). I wlil be posting up the 3 commercials I created in the next few days, i just need to wait for the the final audio versions to be send over before the upload.

Stick Man test from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

Imagine Faithless comp

This is a short piece of animation I did for the Imagine Competition this month. This was done the day before the deadline, so I only had a day to do this. I don't think I will win, but I am happy with the animation. Like normal ignore the glitches , vimeo hates my videos for some reason.

Imagine Competition from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

Wood Painting

Here are a couple of paintings I have done recently on found pieces of wood. I will be creating a few more paintings on found materials in the next few weeks, so watch this space!

Do Lectures Competition Entry ( without Sound)

A competition Entry for 'Do Lectures'. Took about 2 days to make.

Do Lecture Competition Entry from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

Sharp Shotz Knife Crime Awareness Video

Here is the finished film for Sharp Shotz. Unfortunately i haven't gone to the sound studio to mix the sound yet, but hopefully I will get the chance to do this in the next week or so. Till then, heres the film

Spine TV Ident Competition Entry

Heres a short Ident i made for a competition. It took me less then a day to make, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Spine Tv Competition Entry from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

Chat Roulette Video

Here is a chatroulette video, created by my friend and Tom clark and Myself. Chat roulette is a website where you randomly connect with other people on the same site. We decided to record ourselves drawing crappy portraits of unsuspecting rouletters...... here is the end result.

Sharp Shotz Animatic

Here is the animatic for the sharp shotz project I am working on at the moment. I still need to refine the character design and the audio is only scratch sound at the moment, but this short has to be completed by the end of next month so i need to get a move on.

Animatic update from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

11 Second Club entry ( April 2010)

Here is my 11 second club entry for the April competition. I ran out of time this month and didn't have time to finnish all the animation or do the clean up. But here it is...

Final version of 11 sec club april entry from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

The final Wine Bottle

Here it is! Finally. I have finished brewing my wine and added the labels. I am happy with the final outcome and cant wait to start brewing the next batch. I got a lot of wine out of it .....hikup. So if anyone wants a bottle let me know!