Chat Roulette Video

Here is a chatroulette video, created by my friend and Tom clark and Myself. Chat roulette is a website where you randomly connect with other people on the same site. We decided to record ourselves drawing crappy portraits of unsuspecting rouletters...... here is the end result.

Sharp Shotz Animatic

Here is the animatic for the sharp shotz project I am working on at the moment. I still need to refine the character design and the audio is only scratch sound at the moment, but this short has to be completed by the end of next month so i need to get a move on.

Animatic update from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.

11 Second Club entry ( April 2010)

Here is my 11 second club entry for the April competition. I ran out of time this month and didn't have time to finnish all the animation or do the clean up. But here it is...

Final version of 11 sec club april entry from Sam Walsh on Vimeo.